Cooks first report on the New England adventure in English for all our friends and family outside of the Swedish language.


Well this is a great start, the new rudder for Ada works excellent and are there seals in Cape look out


Leaving Palm Cove Marina on May 9 at 2.30 pm. We have gone throght the routines and the days in Florida have been busy to get everything ship shape. But what might we have forgotten? The tanks are full with diesel and fresh water (in different tanks). And the cooks thoughts are full of grand children. Sad to leave them but we have time to play after this adventure, before we leave on the airplane for Sweden.


A little rusty, we decide that the first leg will not be longer than Cape Lookout before anchoring to rest and check up on what might be necessary.


We have beautiful sailing and a bit into it we feel right at home again. Ada, our windvane, has a new rudder provided by Hydrovane free of charge since the first was a new model that did not completely meet cruising standards. It works beautifullly. Winds mainly from SSE between 14 and 19 knots.


During my sleep the first evening I dream of a large insect on my arm, I fell claws, wake up and there is a tiny cute little bird looking at me. The master of the ship thinks I am talking in my sleep. The little thing is completely exhausted. And unfortunately it dies in the morning. We give it a seamans burial and feel very sad.

 On watch you check out the other boats that show up on the AIS. Warships, pleasure crafts, fishingboats. Dolphins race around the boat and perform some flips it cheers us up. Natures wonders! And the sea, always changing, in shape and color. A large bright blue fish jumps out of the water.

We see some flyfish, one lands on the boat, should I keep it for Sebastian?  No, I let it go overboard. We try to fish but as always no luck.

The gulfstream is helping us along. But sometimes the wind fails and we let the motor help a little. We change course to avoid a thunderstorm, and eventually anchor in Cape Lookout.


A most beautiful anchorage, some other boats but still room for a quiet spot on your own.

Admiring the scenery I see the surface break. Oh what was that, a large head, a diver? No.

How strange are there really seals here? -Hey Per there are seals here isn’t that strange so far south? – A seal? Are you sure? Well either that or a huge turtle but no it was so big it must have been a seal. When it shows up closer we can determine that it is a turtle because we see the round flat back under water. It id HUGE, the largest we have ever seen and it is not alone, we see at least one more.


The weather reports warning! We decide on ICW. The master’s outbreak. The cook’s revenge on soilers


We need to go to Canada and clear in, in order to get a new cruising permit for a year as we reenter the US, We have been issued a clear out permit from the Customs and Border Protection and have to get out of the country without landing. We are allowed to anchor on the way. And seek emergency harbor.

Our goal is to get to Canada as soon as possible and stay only a short time so that we can take it easy and relax and see as much as we want to in a tourist pace on the way down the east coast of US.

Well the weather reports issue warnings regarding frequent thunderstorms and all together unpleasant weather. We decide to enter ICW which will at least allow us to move north even if we need to motor mostly.


On lining up to pass under a bridge we are bumped into buy a boatload of drunken pleasure ”fishers”. They steer straight into us and by a fast reaction of Windfall’s master we avoid a more severe collision. Need I say that no one had a life west on and it was grandpa steering. They could have gotten themselves killed!


The mostly cool calm master of Windfall, turns her around on a penny and steering up next to the little stresstub says some well selected words, ending with …"coast guard" and "you behave like children!"


Just enough time to cool down before the thunder is over us, thunder and lightning all around, we anchor and put the handheld VHFs in the oven and clamps to the shrouds leading wires into the water.  The drama is over as fast as it came. Everything is clean , the smells aromatic from the trees all around and the birds singing is overpowering the motor.  The calm after the storm.


Cook takes a microrag and wipes off Windfall, there is no need for anything else a great clean method of cleaning a boat: Rainwater and a micro rag. Windfall shines!


That night we anchor in Campbell Creek, beautiful evening witch ends with us jumping in and closing everything because a lot of mosquitos show up.


In the morning the master estimates that 1025 kamikaze mosquitos have smashed into Windfalls priorilly shining surfasc. Cook gets out a microrag – you cannot win over me!

But they have left deposits of blood? Poop? It sticks like glue. I don’t know the name of mosquitos in latin but they do not know who they are up against. Homo Lena Gunhild Viola Sapiens armed with a microrag and at this time spiced with a warhead of  a hundred per cent organic biodegradable cleaner is a very stubborn species. It takes a while but the outcome is inevitable. Some of them has just crawled into creaks and corners to play dead but wake up and escape into freedom.


The rest of ICW up to Norfolk is passed with another thunderstorm with all safety measures taken by the crew. No more kamikazes, we see a bald eagle that we are unable to photograph, large beautiful butterflies and a horsefly from Jurassic Park is trying to land, a little frag manages and we see no gators in Alligator creek. We see a sister to Windfall from Switzerland as we pass around a bend. The from our perspective most beautiful cruiser a HR 41, what a co incidence! A sailor has run aground but needs no help to get a float.


Out in the ocean again, the weather gets colder and colder as s we get further north. The layers of clothing increase in the same pace. Some terns land on Windfall and stays quite a while to do their makeup.

In Cape Cod they have windgenerators on land, many of them, nice to see.


The weather is changing back and forth and so is the wind. When the sun comes out it gets warmer and we shed some layers, that comes on again as it goes away. We have some rain and we experience the Atlantic flat as a hardwood floor without any wind.

Fishing boats (professional sturdy boats with likewise crews) get more frequent and so do the lobster pots with their floats… treacherous. We get help from a full moon to navigate around them when it isn’t too cloudy!

Getting hungry for lobsters!


Canada! We enter into an enchanting passage to the harbor we have chosen: head Harbor on Campobello island.


Tired but so satisfied we step onto the float we tied up next to and launched our selfiestick to make the moment last.

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